Yes, BigCommerce Can Do That

BigCommerce is a true all-in-one ecommerce solution. Whether you're new to selling online or switching from a competitor, we've got the features you need to succeed. To get you started we've listed the top 10 features below.

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1 Complete Creative Control

BigCommerce has no design limits. If you're a beginner you can use our point and click customization tools and our drag-and-drop design mode to change the look, layout and functionality of your store. Designers have full access to modify HTML and CSS using our web-based file editor or FTP. There's even a built-in diff tool to manage template changes quickly and easily.

Our live store showcase includes real live stores from some BigCommerce users. They've completely customized the design of their store using our powerful design tools.



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2 Flexible Product Photo Display

Upload an unlimited number of product photos and display them in your store as a photo gallery. Thumbnail versions of your photos will be created for you automatically. Visitors can click a photo to see the larger version, which you can display in a popup window or in a lightbox-style window.

You can upload photos, specify the location of a photo on the Internet and even share photos between products. It's easy to display your products in their best light, resulting in more interest and more sales.



3 SuperZoomTM Photo Zoom

Provide a crystal-clear, zoomed version of product photos so shoppers can get a closer look at what they're buying. To enable SuperZoomTM, simply upload a large product photo and BigCommerce will do the rest. SuperZoomTM takes your photos to the next level and increases interest in your products.

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4 Sell on Facebook

By displaying a "Shop" tab on your Facebook fan page, BigCommerce SocialShop lets your fans, prospects and customers click on a product to purchase it from your BigCommerce store. They can also share your products directly through Facebook as part of their news stream.

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5 Sell Products With Options

Sell products with different options such as apparel, computers, software and more. You can create as many options as you like, each with its own SKU, price, weight, image and stock level. You can also create configurable fields which the customer has to fill in when purchasing, such as engraving text for an iPod.

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6 Automatic Inventory Control

Track inventory on a per product or per product option level. Inventory is automatically reduced after a purchase (and added after a return, if enabled) and products become unavailable for purchase when inventory falls to zero. You can set low inventory levels and will be reminded to order more products when stock falls below this level.


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7 Flexible Returns System

BigCommerce has the most flexible, automated returns system you'll find anywhere. You can enable/disable returns and completely customize every aspect of the returns system including return reasons and actions.

Customers can login to their "My Account" page to place a return request and will be updated via email when it's processed. You can offer a refund, replacement, store credit and more. You can even use the permission-based user system to assign RMA responsibility to one or more of your staff members.



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8 Google Website Optimizer

Use both storewide and item-specific tests to improve the conversion rate of your online store. Does single page or multi page checkout drive more sales? Use Google Website Optimizer to find out. You can run six storewide tests as well as per product, web page and category tests to try different on-page elements such as product name, photo, description and more.

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9 Search Engine Optimization

BigCommerce includes everything you need to rank at the top of the search engines, including custom page title and meta details for products, web pages, categories, brands and news items, as well as search engine friendly links, W3C compliant / tableless templates, proper use of header tags, HTML/XML sitemaps and custom image alt tags.

BigCommerce has also been independently audited by the world's #1 SEO expert, Aaron Wall, whose feedback was used to further improve BigCommerce and therefore your chances of ranking highly in the search engines.

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10 Promotional Banners

Easily create and display a promotional banner at the top or bottom of any page on your web site. Are you having a sale on all Gucci sunglasses for the next 7 days only? Create a promotional banner, assign it to the Gucci brand and set it to show for 7 days only.

Use promotional banners to advertise current specials, shipping discounts, coupon codes, special deals and more.


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11 Coupons & Gift Certificates

Easily create trackable coupons which give customers a dollar or percentage discount on their order. Coupons can be set to expire after a certain date or number of uses, and you can run reports to see coupon usage.

Customers can choose from a variety of gift certificate designs, which they can purchase through your store. The gift certificate is then emailed to the recipient and they can easily see their remaining balance from the "My Account" page.

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